High Voltage and Power Plasma Switches

High Voltage and High Coulomb Pseudo Spark Switch

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It is difficult to find a high voltage and high coulomb transfer switch.
We had worked on pseudo-spark switches to mainly develop high coulomb transfer devices.
The preliminary data showed ~20 kV, ~100 kA, and 75 coulomb operating performance.

Sealed-off Pseudo-spark Switch

Structure of the Pseudo-spark Switch

Currentt and Voltage Waveforms of the Pseudo-spark Switch

Sealed Off Radial Multi-Hole Pseudo-Spark Switch Specification

ㆍ Holdoff Voltage: 22 kV

ㆍ Current: 100 kA peak

ㆍ Pulse Length: 1~2 ms

ㆍ Charge Transfer: 100 Coulomb

ㆍ Lifetime: 1000 shots