High Voltage and Power Pulse Generators

Induction Voltage Adder, IVA

reference paper [8]

An induction voltage adder (IVA) with three induction cells was designed and manufactured.
Each induction cell is driven by a Blumlein pulse forming line.
The Blumlein pulse forming lines have gas switches triggered by a compact Marx generator.
Amorphous metal tape cores were used for the induction cells because of their large flux swing.
We obtained good pulse adding performance and reproducibility by controlling precisely each of the drive pulse generators.

Assembled View of the IVA

Circuit Diagram of the IVA

Specification of Water Blumlein

ㆍ Impedance: 13.4 Ω

ㆍ Max. Output Voltage: 200 kV

ㆍ Pulse Length: 60 ns

ㆍ Pulse Rise Time: < 25 ns

ㆍ Pulse Polarity: Negative

Specification of IVA

ㆍ Number of Blumlein: 3

ㆍ Max. Output Voltage: 600 kV