High Voltage and Power Pulse Generators

Triple Resonance Transformer Pulse Generator

reference paper [7]

To reduce voltage stress on the pulse transformer,
a triple resonant pulser with an air cored spiral strip pulse transformer is designed and manufactured.
The tested output of the system was about 300 kV voltage output with about 200 ns pulse width in a 100 Ω load.
The system is very compact in size (1.28 m diameter and 1.06 m height).
Total voltage step-up ratio is about 11.
To form square waveform, a distributed PFN was used.

Triple Resonance Pulse Generator Circuit Diagram

CAD Drawing of the Triple Resonance Pulse Generator

Internal View of the Triple Resonance Pulse Generator Assembly

Specification of the triple resonance transformer pulser generator

ㆍ Voltage Step-up Ratio: 11

ㆍ Peak Output Voltage: ~ 300 kV max.

ㆍ Pulse Repetition Rate: Single shot

ㆍ Pulse Width: ~210 ns

ㆍ Load Impedance: ~100 Ω

ㆍ Dimension (Height [cm] x Dia. [cm]): 106 x 128