High Voltage and Power Pulse Generators

High Voltage Marx Generator

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Compact High Repetition & High Voltage Marx Generator

A general purpose compact Marx generator was built and tested.
The Marx generator has 25 stages.
The designed maximum output voltage of the Marx generator is 1 MV at open circuit condition.
The overall size of the Marx generator is 150 cm in length and 60 cm in diameter.
The Marx generator has pulse width over 40 ns and low jitter
performance at burst mode operation with impedance around 99 Ω.
We expect that the Marx generator can be used in several high voltage pulse applications.

Assembled View of the Comapact Marx

Internal 3D view of a stage in the Compact Marx generator.

Specification of Compact Marx Generator

ㆍ Number of Stages: 25

ㆍ Max. Output Voltage (Open Load Condition) : 1 MV

ㆍ FWHM Pulse Width: ~ 40 ns

ㆍ Repetition Rate (Burst Mode): 10 Hz

ㆍ Pulses/Burst: 10

ㆍ Burst Period: 20 s

ㆍ Charging: Inductive

ㆍ Dimension (Height [cm] x Dia. [cm]) : 150 x 60

High Voltage PFN-Marx Generator

Assembled View of the PFN-Marx

Specification of PFN-Marx

ㆍ Number of Stages: 30

ㆍ PFN Section: 4 (Capacitor and Inductor)

ㆍ Pulse Width: ~ 230 ns

ㆍ Total PFN-Marx Impedance: 106 Ω

ㆍ Pulse Repetition Rate: Single Shot

ㆍ Peak Output Voltage: ~ 500 kV

ㆍ Peak Output Current: ~ 3 kA

PFN-Marx Circuit Diagram