High Voltage and Power Pulse Generators

Kicker Modulator

reference paper [4]

The kicker modulator is used to kick the 3 GeV electron beams injected
from the linac into the stored orbit of the PLS-II storage ring.
It has 24 kA peak current with about 4.0 μs FWHM and 10 Hz repetition rate.

Kicker Magnet Cable Connection Diagram

Kicker Magnet Current Waveform

Kicker Modulator Circuit Diagram

Specification of Injection Kicker Modulator

ㆍ Peak Current: 24.06 kA

ㆍ Pulse-Width: 6.07 μs

ㆍ FWHM: 4.0 μs

ㆍ Flat-Top Width(<±0.2%): 200 ns

ㆍ Repetition Rate: 10 Hz

ㆍ Peak Charging Votage: 16.5 kV

ㆍ Total System Inductance: 1.17 μH

ㆍ Total Load Inductance: 0.867 μH

ㆍ Total Stray Inductance: 0.303 μH

ㆍ Total System Capacitance: 3.2 μF

ㆍ Energy per Pulse: 435.6 Joule

ㆍ Maximum Operable Beam Energy: 2.0 GeV